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Idiot Attributes: Juggling, Stilt Walking, Comedic Improv, Hula Hooping, Balancing


Rook is an Idiot. She is also a human, which came as a bit of surprise to her parents when she broke out of the egg. Her parents, both birds, kicked her out of the nest early after they could no longer endure the worm jokes she told at the dinner table every night. After discovering the other Idiots, and not being directly told to leave, she has become a Rook of all stupidity. Her signature trick is not being good at anything in particular, but doing those things anyway, including juggling, hula hooping, balancing, telling jokes, yelling, stilt walking, being a human laugh track, spit takes, and sometimes more than one of those at the same time. She claims to be Hollygrove's only rope spinner, but this has never been confirmed with Hollygrove's other ropes. Rook can be found somewhere at Hunker Hauser, unless she's run off with somebody's stilts.

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