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Idiot Attributes: Comedic Improve, Musical Performance


Buttons spent her days crafting for Lord Micheal and Lady Joann, but always dreamed of one day following her passion for music, so she packed up her supplies and hit the road. On the way she met a mysterious traveling salesman who gave her a ukulele from the “cursed” section but she didn’t question it, she was just happy to have her first instrument. After a few hours of walking she got tired, realizing this “hitting the road” thing wasn’t for her, but luckily the town of Hollygrove was just ahead. With nowhere to stay, the local Idiots took her in, joking and juggling and letting her play her music, and she’s stayed with them ever since.

Her life goal is to play every instrument in the world (not well, just to play a tune). Hand her any instrument and she will attempt to play it. Her constant companion is her possibly cursed ukulele and ye old medieval kazoo, and yes she is taking requests. She tells jokes with the other Idiots and will defiantly try to juggle with them as well. She also has some magic cards from the time she interned with the witch who lives in the woods and will do some tricks if asked politely.

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