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Beyond custom performance packages Delirio also has several different prepackaged performances available for your event.  Please contact us for more information about one of these performances.


One Step Further


Delirio del'Arte's rapid-fire funny-osity, punctuated with FIRE, KNIVES, and AXES!  Potentially irresponsible DANGER!  What could go wrong?… 
Oh yeah, and they juggle.






Masked absurdity with a beat.




Make a Noise!


Get Weird!


Ric Roc, aka Ric Roc Zoo  


Shows are adaptable from 15 – 60 minutes in length, family friendly and audience interactive. Content of shows could depend on length and special requests. Renaissance & Victorian presentations are available.  Improvisation keeps the shows a little different each time.  See why he is considered one of the best entertainers from Michigan.


Stage shows will be chosen from:


The Stupid Show   

– The bumbling idiot Ric Roc creates havoc with stilt walking, the juggling of pins, knives,         fruit and torches, fire blowing and more to make a hilarious show that people have come back to time and time again.


The Dumb Show 

– Masque physical comedy by Lupé (pronounced 'loo-pay'), a gibberish speaking buffoon who charms audiences with his antics.  From toddler to granny, no one can resist this original child­-like character.  


The Faux Show 

– Mischief, merriment and mayhem abound in this one man, mad capped menagerie of magic.




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