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Idiot Attributes: Juggling, Stilt Walking, Comedic Improv, Musical Performance


Giorgio grew up in a small little place next to a small little sunflower field with her small little family of at least three people. When she was a little girl, she was taken by weird, small little green people with massive heads. She remembers that they spoke with French accents and taught her how to do the worm but that’s all she remembers about them. But that’s probably just her bad memory and not because they erased her memory or anything. one day she woke up in a weird place surrounded by what she could only assume were idiots and boy was she right! They took her in and she became an idiot as well. They taught her so much more then those dumb little big noggined French guys like how to play ukulele and write her own silly songs (kinda), how to walk on stilts (kinda), how to juggle (kinda), how to be funny (kinda), and how to act a fool (100%).

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