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Idiot Attributes: Musical Performance, Comedic Improv, Stilt Walking


Here’s my bio: Tums was born to a long line of people born on their birthdays, and this is a fact she is very proud of. Her past 20+ years of credits include being 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and maybe 6 (that was the year of the cow incident. ((Don’t ask)). She hears the other 15 years were also quite exciting. She is faster than a horse but only when people are not looking. She lost her cat, named Tum, NO S, and begs everyone to tell him she says “meow meow purr purr perp” if they see him (it’s their motto). She came to the idiots because her mom, born on her very own birthday, dropped her off on the horse she is faster than, and told her to have fun. Tums thinks this is her mother’s last ditch effort to get her to forget about Tum (NO S), but nonetheless she is excited to be with the professional idiots (she has been an amateur one for years...). And Tum, if you’re out there, don’t eat the purple acorns. Tums has an alter ego when she is singing with Buttons, another musical idiot. Together they are Tuttons and Bums. She plays until the mean cats come home. She’s a wiz with a kazoo and can tell some pretty mediocre jokes. She thanks the idiots for taking her in and wants them to know that she IS having fun, per her mom’s request.

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