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Idiot Attributes: Juggling, Fire Manipulation, Comedic Improv, Mask Work, Music Performance


As a young Ginger, Ginger was found wandering in the woods outside a nunnery.  The nuns had no idea where she came from but they took her in (kicking and screaming), cleaned her up (kicking and screaming), and introduced her to civilization (still kicking and screaming). They tried to no avail to make her stop yelling, playing tricks, flirting with men of the cloth and rolling around in the dirt. Eventually they tired of her antics and they did some kicking ("out!") and screaming ("don’t come back!") of their own.  After leaving the nunnery Ginger set out across the land to see what was next. She found the idiots. They let her stick around, let her flirt with men of the cloth, taught her to juggle and eat fire, appreciated her trickery, yellery, and crowd pump-up-ery and didn’t complain (much) about the dirt. 

Ginger's performance skills include varied street performance, fire eating, juggling, chicken juggling, crowd interaction/crowd work, solo improvisation, group improvisation, theatre/improvisation/writing/team-building workshop instruction, mask work and stage combat. Ginger is a performer, writer, director...other ers and ors... who's done everything from Improvisation, to Shakespeare, to teaching theater in the Juvenile Justice System. 


Other skills include: Being really, really loud, saying things, interpreted dance/interpretive song, spit-takes, COMEDY!, flirting, and freckling.

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