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Idiot Attributes: Juggling, Escapism, Comedic Improv, Musical Performance, Up Close Magic


Un-arguably the fourth sexiest man in Hollygrove.


Lem was born into royalty, then banished by his family when he was 17. Without a coin in his pocket, he was forced to steal money, food, and clothing just to stay alive. Forced to live his life of criminality after royalty, Lem learned the art of pickpocketing, sleight of hand, and escapism. After running from the crown for escaping jail, he found refuge at Delirio del'Arte where he could hide and use his skills he learned over the years to make a few coins to eat and have a place to rest his head.


If you come to see Lem at Hunker Hauser and you can't seem to find him...he's probably hiding from the authorities.  

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