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Idiot Attributes: Juggling, Comedic Improv, Mask Work


Lester T Jester (the T is for The) is the son of the celebrity comedy duo Chester and Esther The Jester. You may recall their classic lines "Say goodnight, Esther." "Why? It's noon."


After Chester's horrifyingly hilarious accident during the Welsh Open Pie Fight competition many moons ago forcing Chester into early retirement, Lester has strived to live up to and surpass his parents' greatness.


As the years followed, Lester's adventures dropped him back into Hollygrove, where he got his first big break, and into the folds of Delirio del Arte.


With every pratfall, sight gag, and bad pun, Lester inches a little closer to the one thing his father never attained: a reunion tour.

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