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Ric Roc


Idiot Attributes: Juggling, Fire Manipulation, Stilt Walking, Escapism, Up Close Magic, Mask Work, Mime, Comedic Improv, Musical Performance


Ric Roc is an Idiot (big I) with over 30 years of professional experience. Before that he was only an amatuer idiot (small i).  Stupidly, he is one of the only people around who breaths fire while juggling.  Stupid.


As a variety performer, utilizing skills of Magic, Juggling, Physical Comedy, Stilt walking and Improvisation he presents his shows: the Stupid Show, the Dumb Show and the Faux Show, which have kept people coming back  for years.


Ric Carver is Co-Owner and Artistic Director for Delirio del'Arte.  As well as working with the Idiots, he teaches Mime and Acting at Oakland University, workshops for schools and corporate organizations and is on the Production Staff of the Michigan Renaissance Festival

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